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Magic Tricks Explained

Have you seen David Blaine's Street Magic special and wondered about how he could levitate off the sidewalk?

Would you like to know how Blain took a bite out of that coin and then made it whole again?

Wanna know how David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear? Or how his other amazing illusions work?

Want to know the secrets behind Criss Angel's tricks?

For a small donation you
get a password to enter the
MEMBERS ONLY section where many of the most famous magic tricks you've seen on TV are revealed, as well as the most popular online magic tricks, like:

Esmeralda's Crystal Ball
Amazing Card Trick
Plato's Cursed Triangle
The Missing Dollar

Fire Magic - David Copperfield's Tornado of Fire - Criss Angel & Cirque du Soleil
David Blaine's Water Bowl at Lincoln Center Opera - Penn & Teller in Las Vegas
Magic Tricks - Amazing Optical Illusions - Magic Tricks Explained
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